Campaign Videos

The right video is the most effective way to get your campaign message across. But making a successful campaign video does not follow a simple formula. It’s important to understand your audience and capture the viewer in the first few seconds. Online audiences are increasingly harder to please but the good news is that more online video is being consumed than anything else on the internet. We can help you make your video, advise on the best distribution method, explain the advantages of different platforms, effectively utilise technology to distribute video and how to build and sustain an engaged audience.

#EveryBodysBusiness is a video that we produced, from script to screen, to raise awareness of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). It was a very ambitious shoot where all of the action happens during one continuous shot. This requires full control of the production environment – coordinating actors, crew and traffic simultaneously. We spent an entire day filming one shot and by lunch time we still didn’t have a usable take. Luckily, after overcoming various challenges, the last shot of the day was when everything fell into place and was used in the final edit.